Russian team fails to win a second victory at the Phygital Games

Russian team One Move lost to Hydra in the Phygital Games 9 in Dota 2 finals.

The international Phygital Games in Dota 2 tournament that was held in preparation for the Games of the Future multi-sport tournament has ended. From July 24 to July 27, teams from Kazakhstan, Peru, the Philippines, Russia, and Kyrgyzstan competed for the Phygital Flame Cup in Kazan. On the final day were Neon Esports (Philippines), Thunder Awaken (Peru), Hydra (Kyrgyzstan) and One Move (Russia).

According to the results of the semifinal matches, Neon Esports and Thunder Awaken fought for the third place. The final best-of-3 match was between One Move and Hydra.

Neon Esports (Philippines) – Thunder Awaken (Peru) – 2:1

The Peruvians appeared more confident than their opponent from the first minutes, the team did not make serious mistakes, which allowed them to take the first match with 1:0. In the second game, Neon Esports dominated the opponent from the middle of the match, there was no need to destroy the Thunder Awaken base – the team admitted defeat earlier. In the third match, the Filipinos did not lose their spirit, and it took the team 20 minutes to win and take third place in the tournament.

"I'm a little disappointed that Hydra took away our chance to play the Russian team in the finals, but winning the match for the 3rd place is also a good result.

"We plan to take part in the Games of the Future in 2024, and we wanted Team Spirit, Talon Esports, Team Secret and to be in the tournament. It will be interesting to see them in a Phygital tournament," the Neon Esports team player Travis "Castaway" Waters remarked.

Hydra (Kyrgyzstan) – One Move (Russia) – 2:0

The first map set a record for the duration of the tournament – the match lasted 59 minutes. The teams played defensively, the Russian team made a mistake in the finals. Hydra played the second match more aggressively, leaving One Move no chance to win.

"Most of the teams are not from the CIS, so sometimes it was hard to adapt. One thing is for sure – they know how to surprise.

We assumed that we would meet One Move in the finals, but we expected more. I thought they were playing stronger, after all, they are a first division team. Let's see what will happen at the Games of the Future in 2024," the new player of the Hydra team Ivan "OneJey" Zhivitsky pointed out.

The Russian team has already won the February Dota 2 Games. Hydra turned out to be stronger at the Phygital Games 9. For the victory in the tournament, the team won a place at the Games of the Future in 2024, got 1,750,000 roubles, and was awarded the Phygital Flame Cup.

Distribution of places of the Phygital Games 9 in Dota 2:

1st place: Hydra (Kyrgyzstan) – 1.75 million roubles;

2nd place: One Move (Russia) – 850 thousand roubles;

3rd place: Neon Esports (Philippines) – 650 thousand roubles;

4th place: Thunder Awaken (Peru) – 350 thousand roubles;

5-6th places: Infamous Gaming (Peru) and Ualeikumnihao (Kazakhstan) – 150 thousand roubles each;

7-8th places: Polaris Esports (Philippines) and Infinity (Peru) – 100 thousand roubles each.

The Phygital Games 9 in "battle arena" (MOBA) included two disciplines at once: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) and Dota 2. Team Lilgun from Mongolia became the winner of the MLBB tournament. The team won a ticket to the Games of the Future in 2024 and a cash prize of 1.25 million roubles.

The Phygital Games are a series of test competitions in phygital disciplines ahead of the Games of the Future, which comprise competitions in 16 hybrid disciplines. Each discipline combines the concept of “phygital”(physical + digital), uniting traditional sports and eSports or VR/AR technology and testing both the physical fitness of athletes and their digital dexterity. The Games of the Future tournament will be held in Kazan from February 23 to March 2, 2024.

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