Team Lilgun and Falcon Esports proceed to the semifinals of the Phygital Games in MLBB

The group stage of the tournament in the multiplayer team mobile game in MOBA – Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has ended at the Phygital Games 9. On Friday, all the participants in the playoffs were determined.

Team Lilgun (Mongolia) and Falcon Esports (Myanmar) advanced to the semifinals ahead of schedule. Deus Vult (Russia) - Team HAQ (Malaysia), as well as Fire Flux Impunity (Turkey) and AXE Team (UAE) will play in the quarterfinal pairs. Okami E-Sports (UAE) and Team Max (Cambodia) dropped out of the fight for the Phygital Flame.

Deus Vult – Team Lilgun –1:2

After its hard-won victory in the first match of the Phygital Games 9, in its encounter with Team Lilgun, the Deus Vult team failed to maintain its lead and was defeated. The Russian team won the first match with 16:9 but lost the second with 12:22. In the decisive round, the guys from Deus Vult led with 18:13 but lost their advantage in the numbers and positions on the map and failed to win the game with 18:20.

Team Lilgun will proceed straight to the semifinals, while Deus Vult will start the playoffs from the quarterfinals.

"This is our first match with Deus Vult, and we are overwhelmed with emotions. We are glad that we were able to beat such a team. We took advantage of our opponent's mistake towards the end of the game. It will be great to play Deus Vult in the finals! We wish them good luck!" the Team Lilgun player Amarmurun "Forbid" Mandah shared his impressions.

AXE team – Falcon Esports – 0:2

The Falcon Esports team from Myanmar became the second semifinalist of the Phygital Games. The team's victory over AXE Team with a score of 2:0 (23:3, 16:5) secured it the first place in the group. The team from the UAE will soon play Fire Flux Impunity in the quarterfinals.

Okami E-Sports – Team HAQ – 0:2

Okami E-Sports from the UAE is leaving the Phygital Games 9 after its second defeat in a row. Team HAQ confidently dominated throughout the match and deserved the victory, which earned it a ticket to the playoffs.

“We will focus on the game; we are not worried about the opponent in the quarterfinals. What's important is that we have managed to enter the playoffs," the Team HAQ player Robert "Hito" Candoy explained.

Team Max - Fire Flux Impunity - 1:2

Team Max from Cambodia took third place at the Phygital Games 3 in February of this year, and this time, it remained outside the playoffs, losing both matches with a score of 1:2. Fire Flux Impunity from Turkey were unstoppable in the decisive third match, and will thus proceed to the next stage.

"Russia is great! It's my first time here, and I'm really fascinated by everything. It would be great to come back here again for the next tournaments. Deus Vult is quite a vibrant opponent. We played them before the tournament and were convinced of their strength. Who will be the favorite of the Games? We would say it's us, but if we are to pick someone else, then, perhaps, it will be the team from Mongolia," Fire Flux Impunity team player Barysh "Alien" Chakir remarked.

The Phygital Games are a series of test competitions in phygital disciplines ahead of the Games of the Future, which comprise competitions in 16 hybrid disciplines. Each discipline combines the concept of “phygital”(physical + digital), uniting traditional sports and eSports or VR/AR technology and testing both the physical fitness of athletes and their digital dexterity. The Games of the Future tournament will be held in Kazan from February 23 to March 2, 2024.

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