Awinaw became the winner of the Phygital Games 6 in Warface + laser tag tactical battles

Awinaw won the Warface + laser tag tactical combat tournament at the Phygital Games 6. In the finals, they beat Winstrike Team. TrumpAces ranked third.

Awinaw players became the owner of the main trophy of Phygital Games — the Digital Flame Cup, and also received 500,000 rubles for ranking first.

According to the competition rules, the match consisted of two stages — digital and physical. First, the teams played Warface, and then met at the laser tag arena.


Awinaw – Winstrike Team — 24:16 (10:10 after the digital stage, 14:6 after laser tag)

In the finals, two experienced teams met, who showed themselves well at the digital and physical stages, so it was difficult to give preference to someone before the game. Their meeting at Warface confirmed the expectations. Winstrike Team started this stage in attack and led 6:2, but the guys from Awinaw were able to win back — 7:7, and after winning the 19th round they led 10:9. Winstrike Team had to work hard to equalise the score — 10:10.

Awinaw won the first round in laser tag and led 16:14 before changing sides. Then the team managed to neutralise the digital flame twice, and the score became 20:14. Winstrike Team no longer had the right to make mistakes, but Awinaw players shot too accurately. Physical stage of the match ended with a score of 14:6. There was a new champion at Phygital Games, and Winstrike Team, after winning in February, was content with ranking second this time.

“Great joy! What other emotions can there be? All five of us play laser tag well. We understand well what needs to be done. We were preparing seriously for laser tag, so we succeeded. In the digital part, we had a task not to lose big, so that there was no lag like 5:11. We managed to win. It’s very cool! The second Phygital Games are very cool made. I’m very glad that they’re getting better, being refined. It’s very great. This title is very valuable for us, even if Phygital Games is a new tournament. This is a big plus for morale and positive emotions before the main Warface tournament,” said one of the best Awinaw players, Eduard Rayman Khazimardanov.

“Today the opponent played better than us. We came up with tactics for them, but they didn’t work out. That’s why it happened. We couldn’t play better ourselves, so this is the result. This time we were less lucky than our opponent in the finals. I really like Phygital Games. This combination of the real and digital world is very interesting. I would still run and play laser tag more,” Ruslan Best Khalilzade from Winstrike Team shared his impressions of the Games.

Match for the third place

TrumpAces – Young — 26:13 (9:11 after the digital stage, 17:2 after laser tag)

In the match for the third place, the two best teams of the group stage met — TrumpAces and Young, who were a little unlucky in the semifinals. The digital stage of the meeting, as expected, turned out to be very spectacular and interesting. Young led 8:4, but lost five rounds in a row and found themselves in the losing position — 8:9. Everything went to the fact that in this match the digital stage would end with a score of 10:10, but TrumpAces could not cope with the pressure of the opponent and lost 9:11.

Minus 2 before the physical stage is not a critical lag, and TrumpAces immediately proved it. They took two rounds in a row and took the lead — 13:11, and soon increased the advantage to 17:13. Young went over to the attack side, but they didn’t even manage to activate the digital flame, and TrumpAces almost guaranteed victory. The final score for the sum of the two stages was 26:13 in favour of TrumpAces.

“We believed that we could win today. There was no parsing after 0:20. We played the way we did in training that we had and which we won. Of course, it’s a shame that we didn’t make it to the finals, but there’s nothing we can do. Third place is very cool. The emotions from laser tag are great. When you take a weapon on the attack side, it’s a huge burden on the body. For esports players who don’t move much, it’s very hard, so adrenaline is generated. It takes your breath away! I liked everything at Phygital Games. We could have played here in February, but we lost in the decisive match to MementoMori. I’m very glad that everything worked out for us this time. The tournament with the participation of the 8 best Warface teams is very cool,” Andrey Baam Khnaev from TrumpAces commented on the match results.

“The shooting went wrong. Yesterday we still got something in laser tag, but today, no matter where we went, nothing came out. We are an esports team on Warface, and laser tag is not our main discipline. We beat everyone in our discipline. We beat everyone in shooting, and we have a peak form now in Warface. We will do work on the mistakes before the next tournament. The organisation is at the highest level. The idea of Phygital Games is cool. And if we were given two points per round in Warface, as in laser tag, we would have won one hundred percent. To sum up, it was difficult for us,” Alexander KseymX Gubanov from Young said.

Distribution of prize positions based on the results of the Phygital Games 6 competitions on Warface + laser tag tactical battles.

1 – Awinaw — 500,000 rubles;

2 – Winstrike Team — 300,000 rubles;

3 – TrumpAces — 225,000 rubles;

4 – Young — 175,000 rubles;

5-6 – MementoMori and Repulse — 100,000 rubles each;

7-8 – Airbit and Boomerangs — 50 thousand rubles each.

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