Winstrike Team and Awinaw in the finals of the Phygital Games 6 on Warface + laser tag tactical battles

Winstrike Team and Awinaw reached the finals of the Phygital Games 6 tournament on Warface + laser tag tactical battles. The deciding game, as well as the match for the third place will be held at the Tennis Academy on Sunday.

In the playoffs, the participants held a Bo1 match in Warface up to 11 wins in rounds, and then they were waiting for a physical stage — a laser tag match in the “Digital Flame Installation” format.


Awinaw – MementoMori — 22:18 (10:10 after the digital stage, 12:8 after laser tag)

In February, these teams had already met at the Phygital Games in the match for the third place, and today they had to find out who would get to the semifinals, and who would go home. The MementoMori players tuned in better to the match — they aggressively attacked and did not allow their opponents to recover. The score in their favour was growing by leaps and bounds — 3:0, 5:2, 7:3, and Awinaw’s position quickly became unenviable. But after the break, the teams seemed to change places. Awinaw was already more accurate and efficient on the map, and MementoMori lost players and suffered defeats in rounds. Awinaw took 5 rounds in a row and led 8:7. The intense struggle continued until the last seconds, and as a result, the digital stage ended with a score of 10:10. As always, the team leaders were productive — Nikita Kellanis Zadoynov from MementoMori made 25 kills, and Eduard Rayman Khazimardanov from Awinaw — 26 kills.

Awinaw’s tactical plan worked in the laser tag, which outwitted the MementoMori players and took advantage of it competently. They led 20:12, and although the rivals tried to change something and reduced the gap, the victory still remained for Awinaw.

“We have already played laser tag, and there was an understanding of what to do at this stage. We had a good workout yesterday, so we were ready. In Warface, we didn’t immediately get involved in the game. It was difficult, but then we managed to get off the 3:7 score, and everything went well,” Eduard Rayman Khazimardanov from the Awinaw team said.

“The teams are very strong, equal. It's not surprising that we played a draw — we still play Warface and know all the maps very well. We have two new players in laser tag. To be honest, we played poorly prepared. It was necessary to train more, to understand the map more efficiently. As practice has shown, we had little communication. We sagged and gave away our points. Awinaw was stronger today”, MementoMori player Denis Shkolonik Bitnev said.

Winstrike Team – Repulse — 21:20 (10:10 after the digital stage, 10:10 after laser tag, 1:0 after the extra round)

The same teams met in the finals of the first Phygital Games tournament on Warface + laser tag and gave the fans an incredible match in terms of drama and tension, which ended with a score of 20:20 after two stages. Then Winstrike Team won only thanks to additional indicators, and there was no doubt that Repulse was looking forward to the return match.

As in February, in the digital part, the teams played on the Outskirts map and again after the end of this stage the score was equal — 10:10. Perhaps, Winstrike Team was closer to victory, which led 5:2, 8:6 and 10:9, but in the final round Artur PlushMeat Zhabinets, Nikolay Slate Nalogin and Vadim Fereva Rulev did not let Repulse down, and the score was even. The most productive at this stage was Zamir Tarrega Aslanov from Winstrike Team, who made 28 kills. Nikolay Slate Nalogin from Repulse had 22 destroyed opponents.

The same score of 10:10 was in the physical stage. Winstrike Team took the lead — 18:14, but then the guys from Repulse took three rounds in a row — 18:20. When there was only one step left to win, Repulse conceded, and the score became equal — 20:20 after two stages. Even the equipment could not cope with such enormous pressure. Due to an error in calculating frags in the digital stage, it was decided to replay the round in laser tag, and in it, one second before the end, Vadim Jetfire Zubritsky neutralised the digital flame and brought victory to Winstrike Team! This time the final one!

“The hardest match was against Repulse. It’s like a golden goal in football! One round to replay and win... I don’t know, these are crazy emotions,” Zamir Tarrega Aslanov from Winstrike Team said.


Awinaw – TrumpAces — 30:10 (10:10 after the digital stage, 20:0 after laser tag)

A few hours after the quarterfinal match, the guys from Awinaw were waiting for a new match — for reaching the finals with TrumpAces. Once again, the audience saw a fantastic game with an unexpected ending. TrumpAces immediately came in with trumps and led 5:2. It is worth noting Andrey Baam Khnaev, who made 4 kills in a row in the seventh round. Awinaw woke up and gave chase, but after a double kill by Andrey Hollers Pahol in the 15th round, the numbers 9:6 in favor of TrumpAces were displayed on the scoreboard. It seemed that a little more and the stage would end, but the most interesting thing was just beginning. Awinaw equalised the score — 9:9, and then did not allow the opponent to gain an advantage over the physical stage — 10:10.

But in the laser tag, TrumpAces did not succeed. Awinaw continued to use their tactics in attack and won all 10 rounds in the physical stage. Their opponent in the finals will definitely have a difficult time.

“We’re starting badly. That’s the problem. Maybe there is not enough charge of emotions at the beginning. We make a lot of mistakes, and already in the middle of the game we turn on and show our maximum. Fatigue, of course, affected after the morning game, but we coped with it and milked ourselves for all it’s worth. Now we will recover before the finals. I think today we have surpassed TrumpAces in experience, since we have already played laser tag before,” Awinaw team player Georgy Hakkon Krasnov said.

Young – Winstrike Team — 17:20 (11:6 after the digital stage, 6:14 after laser tag)

Almost immediately after the replay of the match with Repulse, the guys from Winstrike Team entered the digital stage of the semi-final meeting with Young. After an equal start, Winstrike Team rushed forward — 6:4, but they did not have enough strength for the end of the stage. Young took 7 rounds in a row and got a 5-point advantage over laser tag — 11:6. Nikita Khok Lazarenko had 21 kills, and Alexander KseymX Gubanov made 20 accurate shots.

But Winstrike Team once again showed their character. Conceding 12:15 during the physical stage, they took three rounds in a row and pulled ahead — 18:15. Young responded with their won round and came close — 18:17, but the two decisive points were still taken by the current champions of Phygital Games in Warface + laser tag.

“Guys from Young are great, but they didn’t have enough experience. We had better shooting in laser tag, and it helped to win. We can handle the finals. We will rest, learn our opponents and go into battle. Awinaw destroys everyone in laser tag, so it will be an unreal battle,” Zamir Tarrega Aslanov said.

The deciding games of the tournament will be held on Sunday, 4 June, at the Tennis Academy. The match for the third place between Repulse and Young starts at 14.00, and the final meeting between Awinaw and Winstrike Team starts at 16.30.

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