Playoff participants of the Phygital Games tactical combat in Warface + laser tag determined

Group stage of the Phygital Games of tactical battles Warface + laser tag is over, and its results are full of surprises. The Young and Trump Aces teams made it to the semi-finals, and the finalists of the first tournament, Winstrike Team and Repulse, will meet in the quarter-finals.

All teams played two matches in the group stage. In these games, the participants fought each other in Warface in the Bo3 format matches. From the playoff stage, they will also compete in tactical literacy and accuracy on the laser tag site, and the results of the digital and physical rounds will be summed up.

Group stage, day 2

Repulse — Airbit — 2:0 (11:7, 11:6)

In this match, the teams had no right to make a mistake, because the defeat deprived them of their chances to enter the playoffs. Airbit started the match well on the Antenna map — 3:0 and 4:2, but the Repulse players came to their senses in time and managed to turn the tide of the battle — 7:11. After an unsuccessful start on the second map - and Repulse was at disadvantage 2:3 - Artem Expensive Zhiltsov pulled the team forward — 5:3. Advantage of Repulse only grew after that, and Airbit was unable to change its tactics. As a result - defeat 6:11 and withdrawal from the fight for victory at the Games.

“We managed to win by my efforts. Yesterday, our expectations were not fully met - we took over only 5 rounds. But there was a serious rival. Young - one of the contenders for the title. We didn’t tilt, collected ourselves. The mood is the same - to win the Phygital Games. Organization is the bomb,” said Artem Expensive Zhiltsov of Repulse.

"The impressions are very strong. This is my first LAN, we didn’t have enough experience. We were outplayed individually. Somewhere something was missing. We didn’t have a very successful season, so there were no high expectations from the Digital Games," said Pavel Rave Up Kuchin of the Airbit team.

Boomerangs — MementoMori — 0:2 (13:15, 6:11)

On the first map, the teams needed an extra round - in regular time the score was 10:10! Nikita Kellanis Zadoinov of Memento Mori showed off at the key moment. He made several kills and predetermined the victory of his team — 15:13. On the second map, the teams also went toe-to-toe - 4:4, but then MementoMori’s experience took its toll - 11:6. Leonid Xeno Volkov, Nikita Kellanis Zadoinov and Vyacheslav Ku3.14 Petrogradskiy each scored 17 kills.

"The defeat in the yesterday’s game put our brains down. We played better today. The best Warface teams have gathered in Kazan. We constantly play with them, therefore we knew what to expect,” said Leonid Xeno Volkov of Memento Mori.

Young — Awinaw — 2:1 (4:11, 11:5, 11:9)

The Young team "woke up" only after a crushing defeat on the first map from Awinaw. At the "Factory" they took a convincing revenge and equalized - 11:5. Awinaw was ahead of the rival on the decisive map for a long time - 6:5, but the Young players turned on additional rates and took over 4 rounds in a row - 6:9. Awinaw fought to the end, but with the score at 9:10, Nikita Hocardik Lazarenko left them no chance with his shooting. Young — in the semi-finals!

“Although we won, the impressions from our game are terrible. We lost a lot of our rounds on the first map. It should have been 2:0,” said Alexander Gubanov of the Young team.

“A decent game, but we made more mistakes. There is nothing else to add. Our task is to win further and get to the finals,” said Georgiy Krasnov from Awinaw.

Trump Aces — Winstrike Team — 2:1 (12:10, 7:11, 11:6)

Three maps were required to determine the winner in the final game of the group stage. Winstrike Team led 9:7 on the first map and was one step away from victory, but Trump Aces got rid of mistakes of their game and managed to save themselves — 12:10. Trump Aces player Sergey Ex made 24 kills. Light- Meshkov. On the second map, with the same score, Winstrike Team did not hesitate and won - 11:7, but they failed to maintain their mood and concentration for the decisive round. With the score 5:5, Trump Aces destroyed the rival squad several times in a row and eventually took first place in the group — 11:6. Sergey Ex became the best among the winners. Light-Meshkov, who made 58 kills. Denis Divine Lobanov made 56 accurate shots.

“Very interesting and engaging game. The most interesting thing is that we exchanged peaks, and the third map was like an icing on the cake. The guys got through, on morality, on shooting. We are happy that we won, how one can not like it? The playoffs are ahead, there will be laser tag, and many of our opponents have already played it. However, we talked with professionals on this topic, so I hope we will succeed. I really like the idea of Phygital Games. A very cool tournament,” noted Nikita Zherebtsov, coach of the winners.

“Unpleasant feelings... We gave away several crucial rounds. Perhaps, the guys morally sank somewhere. There was a series of errors that led to the result. It’s a shame, somewhat, to jump into the quarter-finals, because we are the champions of the last Warface Games, but we will handle it. Actually, we really like this format. The guys are highly charged at laser tag. We will focus precisely on it,” Andrey Chirkov of Winstrike Team explained the defeat of his team.

The playoffs of the Warface + laser tag tournament will be held at the Tennis Academy. It starts on June 3, at 10:00. Repulse - Winstrike Team and Memento Mori - Awinaw will play in the quarter-finals. At 05.00 PM the semi-finals will begin, where Young and Trump Aces will be waiting for their rivals.

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