Kazan to host the Phygital Games in skateboarding and MOBA in July

From July 14 to July 27, Kazan will host the Phygital Games skateboarding and MOBA competitions. 96 athletes and 24 teams are expected to participate in the games.

Phygital Skateboarding

The Phygital skateboarding tournament will take place on July 14-15 at the Uram extreme park. It will feature 8 teams, each with 3 athletes.

In the Physical qualifiers, participants will showcase their "street skateboarding" skills and demonstrate the previously announced tricks in a sport simulator. The four finalists will be determined according to the results obtained by the teams at the end of the two stages.

In the finals, athletes will showcase their tricks in a skate park, and then try to replicate them in a simulator. The team that will cope with the task more successfully than the others according to the judges will win.

The prize pool of the competition is 2 million rubles. The winner will be awarded 650 thousand rubles.

Phygital Games 8 Skateboarding Program:

July 14 – qualifiers

July 15 – finals

Accreditation of media representatives

E-mail an application for accreditation by July 10 to, specifying in the letter the name of the organization, full name and phone number. Accreditation is mandatory and also valid at the "Urban Games Match!" competitions to be held in Kazan on July 15-16 at the Uram extreme park.

Phygital MOBA

On July 20, the Phygital MOBA competitions will start at the Kazan Expo IEC. 8 teams will take part in the international tournament on the popular MLBB game. They will compete for the Phygital Flame and a cash prize of 1.25 million roubles. The prize pool is 3 million rubles. In February 2023, the winner of the first MLBB tournament was the team from Russia Rose Noire.

Phygital Games 9 MLBB Program:

July 20-21 – Group stage

July 22 – Quarterfinals and semifinals

July 23 – Third-place match and finals

The international Dota 2 tournament will be held from July 24 to 27. Its prize pool will amount to 4 million roubles, of which the winner will receive 1.75 million roubles. The world-famous Dota 2 game was previously presented at the Phygital Games 3, which took place in February 2023. The One Move team won first place in the tournament.

Phygital Games 9 Dota 2 Program:

July 24-25 – group stage

July 26 – quarterfinals and semifinals

July 27 – third-place match and finals

The start date of accreditation for media representatives for the Phygital Games 9 in MOBA disciplines will be announced later.