Kazan, Russia

February 23 - March 2

Games of Future

Large prize pool

First ever Games
in PHYGITAL format

First ever Games in PHYGITAL format

of Future


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The Games of Future are an international tournament of new format based on the combination of classic sport, eSports and MR technologies.

Games of Future

Games of Future

Games of Future

Games of Future

Games of Future

Games of Future

Games of Future

Games of Future

by numbers

Sports challenge


Phygital disciplines (drone racing and Beat Saber) where athletes use technical devices
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16 competitive disciplines are divided into five challenges

Tactical challenge

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Several disciplines where a laser tag is coupled with videogames of the shooter and Battle Royale

Combat challenge

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Athletes must prove their mettle in videogames of the MOBA genre, аnd winners will meet in a phygital super final
Athletes compete at first in a videogame and then in its physical analogue

Technical challenge

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First, players play speedrun games and then participate in a super final – in the show match

Speedrun challenge

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Host city

The capital of Tatarstan won the race for the right to host the first international competitions of new format – the Games of Future.
November 2021


May 2022
July 2022
The bidding campaign kicked off with bids coming from candidate cities aiming to host the tournament
Five finalists were determined: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Kaluga and Sirius Federal Territory
Kazan was revealed as the host city for the first Games of Future at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum
In the lead-up to the main event, Kazan hosts a series of phygital tournaments in an array of eSports disciplines.

Phygital Games

The first edition of Phygital Games was held in Kazan
September 2022
Kazan plays host to the second phygital tournament
November-December 2022
Hybrid ice racing event was held as part of the fourth phygital competitions
March 2023
Nearly 1,700 athletes attend the third Phygital Games
February 2023


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